What Works With Local Food Sourcing?

Afternoon Workshop:

1:15-2:15 then repeated 2:30-3:30

What Works With Local Food Sourcing?

This session, for food service providers or cafeteria advocates, will analyze in comparison to commodity sources, the cost and value of several specific local products for service in the cafeteria.  How do prices and quality compare? What fits the budget AND improves taste and quality?  Put raspberries, potatoes, green beans, blueberries, apples, salad greens and more under the microscope:  Factoring in product quality and sales, what are their true net costs? What are the top value local products that make the most sense to buy? Where, when and how can light-processing and freezing of certain products pay? How can students help to do some processing and outreach that helps to sell more healthy cafeteria food?

Presenters include:

  • Hans Estrin, UVM Extension Local Food Network Coordinator
  • John Ayer, Food Service Manager, Brattleboro Middle/High School
  • Marty Brennan-Sawyer, Putney School Food Service Director

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